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For a colour that is warmer than traditional white but certainly not dull or lacklustre - Titania may be the colour that will set your home apart.This house had it's makeover completed with Quarter Round Titania COLORSTEEL® continuous spouting....
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Let's get together!

July 20, 2021
With our expertise we were able to offer our client an alternative to their current setup. Removing the downpipe above the front door and joining the two sections of spouting = a streamlined finish for the front of their home....
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Going from grey and rusty to bright and effective was an easy task with this home.After 'kicking the galvanised spouting to the kerb' the new Quarter Round Threadbow White COLORSTEEL® continuous spouting enhanced the appearance of this home and improved the functionali...
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Ironsand Trio

June 14, 2020
To eliminate timber fascia maintenance and to give their home a new look the owners of this home went with the trio of rainwater system makeover packages.Ironsand COLORSTEEL® flashing timber fascia overlay was enhanced with Quarter Round Ironsand COLORSTEEL®...
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A Shade of Grey

May 24, 2020
The existing Box Gutter on this home was rusting away so was removed and replaced with classy Quarter Round Windsor Grey COLORSTEEL® continuous spouting....
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Earth tones

April 23, 2020
Quarter Round Sandstone Grey COLORSTEEL® continuous spouting was installed on this lovely home after the fascia was given a new lease on life. ...
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Smooth lines

March 15, 2020
White, a colour that is timeless and will complement any colour combinations. Our Quarter Round Threadbow White COLORSTEEL® continuous spouting finished off the fresh look of this home. ...
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No job is too small

February 14, 2020
Whether it is used for potting plants, storing tools and garden equipment or used to store your house overflow, garden sheds are still a building that require maintenance to ensure rainwater doesn't get inside and cause havoc.This little beauty was fixed up with our Old Goth...
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Resplendent in Red

February 10, 2020
The colour of your spouting can sometimes hide rusting and leaking spots.Our clients of this lovely home were thrilled when we replaced their ageing spouting with fresh new Quarter Round Pioneer Red COLORSTEEL® continuous spouting....
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Well not quite.But if your spouting needs a helping hand to get back on the right track then absolutely we can help out there!This brittle and leaking PVC spouting was replaced with our Old Gothic Threadbow White COLORSTEEL® continuous spouting.No joins = no leaks....
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